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Our company is the one-stop manufactory for all rubber and plastics requirements, we are not just selling our own products, we also provide bespoke rubber mouldings to your exact design specifications as well as more standard products. we aim to be your last stop for all your rubber & plastic needs, whether you require sports items, fitness products or medical supports , 
Working with us we are sure we can satisfy every possibility and  guarantee that we can offer a fast and efficient service to cover your needs regardless of quantity, compound or complexity, from a simple ring to an intricate rubber- products.

To contact us  please check the below information.

Tel: +86 759 3285822 3285866 3285366
Fax: +86 759 3285800
Email: kn@kangnian.com.cn
Add: 85, Middle Shenchuan Rd., Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, P.R.China
Post code: 524018
Manager: Tony. Ma

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